The WOW in the

WOW Gènerator

The WOW in your Feng Shui

It can be that simple? That's what I get out of the floor plan? I can get the values that quickly?

Yes, yes and once again yes. Simply WOW!

Focus as a Feng Shui consultant on the essentials!

With the WOW Gènerator you get all the illustrations that you need as a basis for a Feng Shui analysis.

It combines the examination according to the School of Forms, the 8-Manisions-System and the Flying Stars. You can either check your previous analysis, or jump straight into the interpretation!

Putting different variants of the utilization of Feng Shui side by side and comparing them has never been so easy as now with the right tool, the WOW Gènerator.

How the WOW Gènerator came into being

When a Feng Shui consultant puts the cardinal directions on the same floor plan for the fourth time, the thought arises, "This MUST be easier!". This is exactly the thought we had when we were sitting in front of our first own analyses. Now it's here, the application that does just that: easier conduction of the analysis and an event more appealing visualisation.

As a Feng Shui consultant, I can spend a lot of time laying the groundwork for the Feng Shui analysis: Editing a floor plan so that I can read from it the sectors, the directions, and the values of the personal and the temporal energy values in the room.

A tool to which you have to give few inputs can make your life easier from now on. In addition, it is appealing and professional to the customer to look at aesthetically elaborated and speaking graphics. Take the chance and attract your customer's WOW!

Enthusiastic users share

Simply WOW! And thank you for the great interview.

Stop dreaming about it, implement the idea! This was my kick in the right direction to allow all Feng Shui consultants to focus on interpretation instead of being robbed of drawing and ruler time.

Babette S.

Feng Shui Consultant & Geomancer

As a person who is always looking for the most efficient way with a result of maximum benefit, I am grateful for this development. Cheers to the WOW team!

Niki N.

Feng Shui Master of
Feng Shui Institute of Excellence

What the developers and visionaries have done here is really great.

Until now, I have always laboriously worked my pie chart with the cardinal directions awkwardly into my floor plans. Now with the WOW-Gènerator it is super fast and highly precise. I can now fully concentrate on the evaluation instead of having to spend a lot of time on the design.

I love the fact that I can set the colors, fonts and sizes myself. I'm really looking forward to the other modules, which will certainly make my life as a consultant even easier.

Andrea S.

Feng Shui & Nutrition consultant

WOW - here the name says it all.

Without paper and pencil or complex drawing programs, you can use this app to intuitively, easily and, above all, very quickly create evaluations of customer floor plans according to the sectors and cardinal directions.

This saves a lot of time - great.


Daniela S.
Feng Shui Master of
Feng Shui Institute of Excellence

Why do I choose the WOW Gènerator?

By Feng Shui Consultants for Feng Shui Consultants

The WOW Gènerator has been created and tested by a team of Feng Shui consultants who understand the challenges of correctly assessing and, at the same time, appealing to clients.

More than a tool

You are not buying a product that you will store unused and in its original packaging. The tips & tricks and user training are included in the license and support you with a simple application in your correct evaluation!

Contact person available

The developer and support team are from the German-speaking area. You need their support? They are close to you and have an open ear for your questions.

Simple application, valuable result

With just a few clicks, a great and appealing graphic of your floor plan is already created. Now you can devote yourself to the analysis of the data.

With the WOW Gènerator to the amazing

Feng Shui consultation

Time-saving and simple to use. Aesthetic, reliable, amazingly helpful the result. With the right tool, working out the documents for your Feng Shui consultation will be a pleasure!

What are the types of the WOW Gènerator?



Prices are for businesses, 19% German sales tax may be added to all plans. Our privacy policy and terms of use apply.


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1How do I get the WOW Gènerator?
Go to the top right of our website and click on the tab "To the Gènerator". After registering, please select your plan and complete the purchase process. You will immediately have access to our application. Do you have any questions? Then write to us at
2Do I need a lot of PC knowledge to work with your software?
We can answer this with a simple NO. The application via a browser saves you as a Feng Shui consultant the maintenance and care of an installation. You can always use the current functions of the WOW Gènerator in the application. Every function within the application is explained in our user manual. Numerous videos are freely available as visual training material on our YouTube channel at any time. ( Within the WOW Gènerator, the user is guided through the application with a tooltip (info text) in every menu and for every button.
3Which advantage of this Fang Shui software would you like to emphasise?
Our software is aimed at you as an advisor, regardless of whether you have little or a lot of PC knowledge. We are consultants ourselves and know the challenges of not only preparing a valuation correctly, but also in a way that is appealing to the client. You want to use the WOW Gènerator as an additional assessment tool? No problem! Or you use it exclusively for your Feng Shui analysis? No problem either! The WOW Gènerator can be used for both. On the one hand, our application has the claim of an accurate evaluation, on the other hand, it has the pleasant simplicity that we offer to the user.
4Can I access a previously created graphic afterwards?
Yes, there is a corresponding file type with which you can access a previously saved graphic.
5How long can I use the app?
The package is available for one year. The subscription will be automatically renewed for another year if you do not cancel it in advance.

Do you have any other question?

No problem! Please contact the WOW team via electronic mail. Your question will receive an answer!